Overview of Rigid PVC

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a widely used plastic material, commonly used in construction and even everyday items used in the home. Rigid PVC is a type of PVC that is also seeing broad applications in construction projects. The properties of rigid PVC make it a practical and ideal material to use in applications such as in window seals and gaskets.

Rigid PVC is highly recommended for construction applications as it has been proven to be better in performance than conventional materials such as metal or wood. The versatility of rigid PVC, together with the cost benefits that it provides construction businesses, make it a widely specified material in various construction projects.


PVC is produced through polymerisation of vinyl chloride. A bigger percentage of PVC is produced by suspension polymerisation, while a smaller percentage is produced through emulsion polymerisation and bulk polymerisation.

Additives, such as heat stabilisers, UV stabilisers, lubricants and plasticisers, are then incorporated into PVC before they can be turned into different plastic products. PVC can either be flexible or rigid PVC.


Rigid PVC and flexible PVC are differentiated by the properties they possess. Both PVC types have their own qualities that make them more ideal in certain applications. Rigid PVC is generally denser than flexible PVC and it also has better thermal conductivity and compression strength.

Rigid PVC boasts good mechanical and structural strength as well as high chemical and biological resistance. Its workability and flexibility in use also makes it a good material to use in building construction.

Applications in Window Seals

Rigid PVC is very much favoured in many construction applications, thanks to its relatively low production cost and versatility. Among its many applications is its inclusion in plumbing pipes for its high resistance to corrosion. Rigid PVC is also a prime material used for window seals and glazing. Rigid PVC can come in various colours and can even be a great substitute for wooden frames in windows when they come in a wood finish.

As window seals, rigid PVC provides ample support to window glass to minimise the chances of breakage. Rigid PVC window seals are also very effective in weather-stripping the windows.

With the use of rigid PVC window seals, rain and runoff is effectively kept away from the interiors. It is also effective in maintaining the air quality of the interiors as the air is kept intact with the window seals.

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