Uses of Glazing Gaskets in Construction

Every construction engineer or project manager knows that the materials used in construction play important roles in building projects. One important material is the glazing gasket used for the windows of the building. Glazing gaskets are essential in making the windows more stable and secure, while helping to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Glazing gaskets become most effective in building construction when they are made from plastic materials, which can make a good compromise between quality performance and economy. Plastic provides the elasticity, flexibility and durability ideal for manufacturing good quality window seals and glazing gaskets. Glazing gaskets can only be beneficial as a construction material if it is made from the best quality plastic materials. These may be thermoplastic rubber and extruded or co-extruded polymers.

Weather Protection

Glazing gaskets are mainly used to protect the building from heavy downpours, strong winds and thermal changes. Good quality window seals can effectively seal the interior to prevent rain and runoff water from infiltrating the building. Glazing gaskets made from rigid or flexible PVC seamlessly attach to the window glass to seal the opening.

Glass Protection

Glazing gaskets are also very useful in protecting against thermal stresses resulting from major and sudden changes in the temperature. The plastic material in glazing gaskets protects the glass from breaking due to thermal changes. The physical properties of extruded plastics make them a perfect glass protection.

The glass is provided with a flexible cushion, floating between the gaskets, to protect it from the damaging outside forces. Plastic glazing gaskets are also the better alternative to wood or metal frames that used to be the preferred materials for holding and protecting the glass.

Air Quality Regulation

Glazing gaskets not only protect the building interior from strong winds and rain. They are also important in maintaining good air quality in the rooms. This is especially beneficial in air-conditioned units of the buildings. Because indoor air is properly sealed, energy consumption is kept to a minimum as it becomes much easier to keep the room temperature as comfortable as possible.

Useful glazing gaskets provide many benefits to the building construction. Plastic seals not only offer essential functions, but they manage to do so without a hefty price tag. Production of window seals made from flexible or rigid PVC, thermoplastics and extruded plastics is relatively low compared to other traditional window seal materials.

Raw materials used in plastic glazing gaskets are also comparatively low.

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