Benefits of Using Co-Extruded Seals

Window seals need to be strong, sturdy, but at the same time flexible. Their main purpose is to seal off the interior to protect from strong winds and heavy downpours. Window seals also help in maintaining the good quality of the air inside. Window seals need to be made of high quality materials such as co-extruded plastic products for better results.

Co-extrusion is a variation of the extrusion process whereby raw thermoplastic materials are melted and formed into a continuous profile. In co-extrusion, two or more types of raw plastic materials are melted together to form the continuous profile. There are several advantages of using co-extruded plastics for window seals and gaskets.

Better Performance

With co-extruded window seals, the building gets to benefit from the best properties that the different raw materials provide. For instance, if can be made of thermoplastic rubber for more efficient weather-stripping. At the same time, the window seal may use rigid backing to provide a stronger base. With co-extruded plastic, the window seals exhibit excellent weatherability, flexibility in cold and hot temperature and minimal shrinkage.

Co-extruded window seals provide a captive wedge that does not fall out of the pocket. The captive wedge can be installed in place, so there is no need to install them from the outside using scaffolds. This can be quite a relief as the installation can be done and finished from the inside.

Co-extruded window seals provide excellent protection to the glass. They are flexible and sturdy at the same time.

Cost Effectiveness

Another benefit of using co-extruded window seals is the minimal cost involved. Production of co-extruded plastics takes less time and requires only minimal labour, so the costs are relatively lower. Most of the work is done in the manufacturing facility. Since work at manufacturing facilities is generally cheaper than site labour, the construction manager achieves substantial cost savings. Once the window seals are done, they are simple to attach and install, so actual work at the site is reduced significantly.

Production Efficiency

Production of co-extruded plastic window seals is generally simpler and easier than other types of window seals. In most cases, only one person is required to oversee the production process. Overall, work efficiency is excellent as the workload is considerably minimised at the work site.

Co-extrusion plastics provide excellent performance when used as window seals for buildings. They not only offer quality performance, but the added benefits are also worth the money spent.

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