TPV for Window Seals

Innovation has helped industries come up with amazing new products and materials that perform better to give the benefits to the user. One such material and product is TPV, which Lloyds Pacific Plastics supplies for glazing gaskets for windows.

TPV is a high performance thermoplastic rubber favoured for its flexibility, strength and long-term performance. The thermoplastic rubber is used in many applications across many industries. In the field of building construction, it performs well as a window sealing material.

Physical Properties of TPV

TPV plastic rubber is often specified by architects and engineers to protect window glass and to provide weatherstripping for the building. TPV offers a low weight advantage that is lacking in thermoset rubber and other thermoplastic elastomer materials. The thermoplastic is also a recyclable material, making it an environmentally ideal material to use for many applications.

TPV benefits from the physical properties of vulcanised rubber, yet offers manufacturing ease typical of thermoplastics. Thermoplastic rubber provides top performance when used as window seals. TPV’s physical properties and manufacturing flexibility make it a favourite of building designers and engineers looking for a compromise between quality and economy.

The thermoplastic rubber, exhibits good impact strength and good tolerance of high temperatures reaching up to 135 degrees Celsius. Its physical properties make it a good substitute for EPDM. It has good liquid resistance, excellent electrical characteristics and resistance against environmental ageing.


Lloyds Pacific Plastics distributes TPV as a viable alternative to neoprene, silicone, EPDM and other thermoset rubbers. TPV has been proven to last longer when exposed to extreme weather. This is a challenge that window sealing materials have to contend with, especially with the rather erratic changes in weather patterns. This good performance in hot and cold temperatures making it a good alternative to other rubbers, which tend to give in when exposed to extreme temperatures.

TPV is perfect for providing excellent protection to the window glass, keeping it safe from damage due to thermal stresses and wind force. The company’s TPV glazing gaskets are ideal for use as static curtain walls, skylight glazing and sealing, dynamic sealing and for two-sided window units.

Because of its excellent physical properties, TPV can protect the interior of the building efficiently. Weatherstripping is essential to keep good air quality intact inside the building. At the same time, effective weather sealing will work to protect the building from heavy rainfall and runoff.

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