Every commercial venture relies on quality equipment and devices to keep it operating without disruptions. Every cog and wire inside that equipment contributes to a business’s success. So when even the smallest piece breaks, the company loses money in the form of downtime and costly repairs.

To prevent this problem from happening to your business, you have to invest in reliable and durable parts, like co-extruded seals from Lloyds Pacific Plastics. We will quickly supply you with high-quality products when you make us your plastic extrusion manufacturer. Call us first when you live in Brisbane, elsewhere in Australia or overseas. We will tailor our services to accommodate your needs.

Plastic Extrusion & Co-Extruded Products

The benefits of these plastic or TPV Co-Extruded Seals are that they are manufactured from PVC or Thermoplastic Rubber with a Rigid backing resulting in a low compression set, excellent weatherability and cold temperature flexibility, ease of application, reduced labour costs and minimisation of shrinkage.

8 Good Reasons to purchase the co-extruded captive wedge

  1. A Captive Wedge that will not fall or roll out of the Pocket.
  2. Ability to pre-fabricate Section in Factory with one gasket in place.
  3. Cuts Site Labour down by 50% as only one side needs to be fitted with a gasket.
  4. Factory Labour is cheaper than Site Labour.
  5. Payments of Site Allowance are reduced.
  6. Less time is required to complete the work and on many occasions one man may be required instead of two.
  7. Because Captive is already in place, this can often save on scaffolding as work can be completed from inside.
  8. Protects glass on site, often aluminium extrusion can collect grit and grime which can damage glass.

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Final products of a plastic extrusion manufacturer

Sales Contacts

If you would like to learn more about making us your plastic extrusion manufacturer, call one of the sales contacts listed below. We’ll gladly answer your questions and address your concerns.

Chris Livermore QLD NTH/NSW – Ph: 0409 717 681

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Jim Quinn NSW/ACT – Ph: 0428 787 287