Advantages of PVC Over Other Plastics

A PVC pipe is a flexible form of pipe that is perfect for applications in which the use of rigid PVC is impractical. Flexible PVC extrusions are strong and long lasting, making them suitable for use in a component of water systems, and in running hook-ups to washing machines.

Here are several advantages to using flexible PVC pipes:

Easy Installation

Flexible PVC piping simplifies the installation of plumbing systems. The material can easily be routed in any direction without the use of multiple fittings, thereby simplifying plumbing layouts and cutting installation time and labour.

Flexible PVC piping can be used in areas where space is restricted and in situations where a rigid pipe is not ideal.

Ease of Cutting the Pipe

Special tools are not needed, since flexible PVC pipes can be cut in different sizes using a strong pair of shears or utility knife. Cutting flexible PVC piping is not as labour intensive as trimming a piece of rigid PVC, making it possible to complete the job faster and more efficiently.

Long Lasting

Flexible PVC pipes last longer because they are resistant to mildew and sunlight. Being resistant to mildew makes flexible PVC pipes suitable for use in water systems of all types. Though flexible PVC pipes can somewhat withstand sunlight, exposure to sunlight for long periods of time is not advisable.

Lower Cost

Flexible PVC piping is cheaper compared with other types of pipe. Cost is a major consideration if a plumbing job needs quality products, but the budget is limited.

Easy Storage

It is easy to store flexible PVC piping for future use. Since it is bendable, it is possible to coil any unused PVC pipe and place it in a storage container. The pipe can also be retrieved easily when it is time to use it. In contrast, rigid PVC can only be stored straight.

Flexible PVC piping has found its way in many applications in various types of industries because of the many advantages it offers. The material is available in hardware stores or home supply stores, and in building supply shops and online stores.

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