TPV: Applications in Window Construction

In weather-stripping windows, thermoplastics have been proven to be the best material to use. One product that stands out is TPV. This thermoplastic rubber exhibits excellent properties that are truly ideal for use in window seals.

TPV provides construction project managers the option to adopt quality without crippling the budget for window seals and gaskets.


TPV is a thermoplastic elastomer made by cross-linking EPDM rubber and polypropylene. The material can be produced in the same way as other plastics are made by plastic manufacturers.

The material can be blow moulded, injection moulded or it can be teleformed. TPV is produced using the same tools used to form other thermoplastic materials. Since TPV is a thermoplastic material, it can be recycled once it has reached the end of its life span.


TPV combines durability and flexibility that make it ideal for use in window construction. TPV elastomer has the same properties found in natural rubber materials. However, it is regarded to be much better to use in window sealing because it lasts longer than rubber.

TPV has also been found to be very resilient when subjected to extremely hot or cold temperatures. The material has also been seen to perform as well as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) when it comes to electrical properties and resistance against environmental aging. Just like EPDM, TPV is also highly liquid resistant.

TPV is also as good as neoprene when it comes to chemical resistance. Similar to neoprene, it is highly resistant to different chemicals, including alcohols, ketones, esters and other solvents.

Clazing Gaskets

TPV is ideal to use as glazing gaskets for windows because of its low production and installation cost and the properties it contains. TPV provides project managers a more cost-efficient option of adopting high quality in window sealing.

EPDM and neoprene are both thermoset rubbers, which are more costly to produce. TPV has been tested and has been proven to be a better alternative to those thermoset rubbers.

TPV elastomer is in high demand for weather stripping because of its durability and low cost. When used as window seals, TPV rubber is very effective in protecting the window glass from outside forces.

The thermoplastic material is also very effective protecting the interiors from rainfall runoff by tightly sealing the edges of the windows. Air quality inside is also kept intact with the help of proper sealing, courtesy of TPV-made glazing gaskets.

TPV is a very good material to use for window installation. The material’s low production cost and its high quality are the top reasons why project managers are choosing TPV over other rubber materials. If you want to learn more about TPV applications, click here.

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