Reliable Supplier of Custom Window Glazing

Lloyds Pacific Plastics has built a good reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality products including flexible PVC, rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), co-extruded plastic products, and nitrile products.

The company has been supplying custom plastic products, including custom gaskets, for all window shapes, styles and sizes for many decades. Through its in-house drafting service, development and manufacturing programme, the company encourages customers to offer design ideas so as to address potential problems during the design process.

The company’s custom glazing gaskets make it simple and easy to dry-mount glass in fixed or operable wood or metal frames. The gasket’s waterproofing capability is on a par with that of caulks and conventional glazing tapes, but the company’s gaskets protect the glass better and they do not adhere to the glass. The glass floats between two gaskets, thus considerably reducing the risk of glass breakage from atmospheric conditions such as thermal movement and wind stresses, as well as from mechanical shock.

PVC Products

The company never stops producing new glazing materials. The company has over 300 dies for rigid PVC plastic extrusion products. Already with 3000 dies in its portfolio, the company continues to make additions to its flexible PVC product range.


The company also supplies glazing gaskets made from thermoplastic rubber Santoprene. Santoprene offers both the characteristics of vulcanised rubber and the ease of processing of thermoplastics, allowing it to tolerate long-term exposure to various weather conditions without displaying noticeable wear and tear. Santoprene glazing gaskets provide long life and hard-wearing characteristics, making them ideal for commercial building applications.

Co-Extruded Products

The company uses the extrusion process to manufacture its products. Extrusion is a high volume production technique that involves melting raw plastic material and forming it into a continuous profile. The company’s co-extruded seals are produced using thermoplastic rubber with a rigid backing, resulting in a product with increased durability and minimal shrinkage. These seals are offered at reduced rates because the manufacturing process cuts labour costs. The company caters to a range of customers in many industries including building and construction, marine, window and doors, and mining markets.

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